The conflation of newsiness with news, share-worthiness with importance, has wreaked havoc on the media’s skepticism immune systems. It didn’t happen out of nowhere, it’s a process that’s been midwifed by the willful blurring of the lines between fact and fiction on the part of a key group of influential sites, that have, unfortunately, established a viable financial model amid the wreckage of traditional media.

The Year We Broke the Internet - Esquire

Luke O’Neil looks at how the focus on viral content is impacting journalism. 

(via onaissues)

(via onaissues)


It’s amazing how many different meanings one can derive from just a few otherwise ordinary words. In a great many situations, this is honestly all it could take to save someone from themselves - showing them the worth and grander meaning in the words they use to define their life or perceived lack there of.